Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Taking off the blanket aside, he stood up, lifted the bottle and drank some water. It was almost midnight and was raining outside. He opened the door and climbed rooftop. The bright light coming within a distance was still waiting him. The rain drops had increased their speed enough to let him calm down.
“There will be no more stars from today.”
He carefully watched the city. The city seemed to be in dead silence. Nobody noticed him. No one listened him.
“The whole city is dead.”
He climbed down the stairs, switched on the light, watched himself being alive.
“Why am I alive in this dead city?”
He threw himself towards the bed, watched the fluorescent light on the ceiling. The white light turned more and more bright. It turned so bright that he couldn’t distinguish anything inside the room. The only thing he could see is reflection of him all around the walls!
The light turned red and suddenly it extinguished, the whole room turned completely black, so black that he couldn’t distinguish anything inside the room.
Amid of darkness, he started searching himself. The whole room was completely vacant. He couldn’t feel anything. He couldn’t find himself.
He opened the door, ran insanely towards the roof. It wasn’t raining. No any bright light within a distance was waiting for him. The whole city was seen vividly under the stars, celebrating its birthday. And again, nobody noticed him, no one listened him.
He climbed down the stairs with different conclusion.


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